Alon Levin(non-registered)
You're an inspiration and your lessons have made me a much much better photographer. To back up this claim, I've just won IPA concert photography award for 2019, only 4 months after taking your classes!
Gwen Sierra(non-registered)
Dear Igor
My first Master class absolutely blew my mind! The dedication, passion and detailed knowledge gave so much motivation and energy to take my photography to the next level and further!! I went to a concert last weekend and I already see my improvement with my iphone photos, it’s crazy!!! I will upgrade my photo equipment next week, i can’t wait until my next concert thank you so much!
Michael Aarons(non-registered)
I am just a few minutes off of Skype from my first incredibly in depth lesson in Igor's workshop, and thanks to his experience and, most importantly, his ability to teach, I have learned more in those few hours of conversation with a master than I have in over a decade of banging my head against a photographic wall. We went into incredible depth on what I used to consider to be the most mundane and fundamental camera settings, and I learned how to exercise better control of depth-of-field, while at the same time improve the sharpness, skin tones and overall exposure of my images in the most challenging of concert settings. I'm looking forward to putting Igor's technical advice into practice and subsequently shattering many of my self-imposed barriers in editing and effective workflow. If you're serious about doing performance photography, you can't find better training/educational value anywhere - and trust me - I've looked! Thank you, Igor - looking forward to continuing the journey!
Dave Blass(non-registered)
Amazing workshop today with Igor Vidyashev​ dealing with Lightroom. It's always stunning how much you think you know, but really don't. So many timesaving tips and insight into editing that just blew me away. Editing a couple shots that I thought were horrible and turning them into cool shots was really eye opening. The whole series of classes has been such a great experience. Can't wait for the next lesson.
Alon Levin(non-registered)
Just wanted to give a shout out to Igor Vidyashev. With his workshop, he totally changed the way I was working and my state of mind and ever since, not only I feel I got better, also the musicians I work for say the same.

For example, I've just been contacted by Bon Jovi's manager. They're buying 3 photos I took of him for his 2020 Calendar.

I'm so honored!
Renee Jahnke(non-registered)
A shout out to all my Photog comrades - I'm sure many of you know and follow the stellar work of Igor Vidyashev - it seems every time he posts an image I say, "how the hell does he achieve that?!" So I finally gifted myself with some 1-1 sessions with Igor. Our first session was 4 hours long! And even though I've been shooting most of my life and have a degree in photography, I learned SO MUCH!! For all of you who love shooting live music, you seriously owe it to yourself to book a session. It'll elevate your work and make your life so much easier when shooting. See you in the pit!
Dave Blass(non-registered)
Amazing Live Music Photography Master Class with Igor Vidyashev and Rockxposure this weekend. It's astounding just how much you think you know, but then are just blown away by the trick of the trade that will take you to the next level. The difference from Portrait and Landscape Photography to Live Music is night and day. So many times I have shot an event and just been overwhelmed by bad lighting or other elements I wasn't prepared for. You only get 3 song and it goes so quick. Clearly there is a system that I needed to learn. Really excited to start working some of these new skills.
Alon Levin(non-registered)
I was planing to save especially for this course, but decided not to wait and go for it. Only two weeks have passed and I already tripled the cost of the course by people and news outlets that bought concert pictures from me that were taken after the lessons. You truly want to make a living out of it? Then go do it right now
Alon Levin(non-registered)
"That feeling, when they took your brain, they moved it and they made it rich. Frigging wow.
I always believe that every person needs to learn and rich his knowledge, no matter what level he is and where he is. For a few years I feel like I need this professional boss and I totally feel like I'm on the right path.
Today I passed the first meeting of 1:1 (4 and a half hours) out of three of the estimated photographer Igor Vidyashev in which I learn how to take the field and my products to the next level and wow what a meeting it was!
The word - amazing - doesn't begin to describe it.
I expected to get some tips and a little to be enriched but I didn't expect it to make me completely change the way I work and think.
Igor completely adapted himself to my needs and to the level where I am and it was one of the best decisions I've made in the last few
Tomorrow is filming Dream Fest Israel and I'm dying to implement what I learned today and can't wait for the next class.
For those of you who also want to experience the. This thing, here is the link to his website, where you can also sign up for the course:
Jody Wilk(non-registered)
I took the first portion of the Photography class so far and have learned a wealth of information to help improve my concert photography. Igor helped me get my camera properly set up for taking photos in a continuously changing low light environment. I would highly recommend this course for those wishing to take their concert photography to the next level. This has given me a renewed excitement for this type of photography!
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