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Roman Sobus(non-registered)
If you are serious about taking your performance photography to the next level, I highly recommend Igor Vidyashev's Online Rock Photography Classes. It will be the best money you will ever spend, save you countless hours of struggling with workflow and get images that are nothing short of amazing! From camera settings to workflow shortcuts to understanding how to weed through the common misconceptions about capturing the action on stage, Igor covers it all! On top of it, save some bucks with his 15% off sale on now! Thank you my friend! \m/
John Fraser(non-registered)
Very stoked for my next shoot after taking lesson 2 of 3 of the 3 lesson Rock Photography course. I love the fact that the lessons are tailored specifically for live music photography. I've learned so much from Igors honest and direct approach
John Fraser(non-registered)
I took the portfolio review with Igor. He was very honest, which I appreciated, and he gave clear constructive advice on how to improve my shots. I believe his own excellent portfolio speaks for itself and I feel confident that taking his lessons will propel my photography to the next level.
‎Adrian Coleasa(non-registered)
Just finished the three Rockxposure lessons bundle and still stoked. Worth every penny is an understatement, best investment in photography in years, cannot recommend it high enough.
Thank you very much Igor Vidyashev, Большое спасибо!
And if you will be in Romania and even remotely think about anything hotels there won't be any place remote enough for you to hide from us. Our door will always be open for you, sir!
Mimi Pontisso Franco(non-registered)
Live music photographers; if you are looking to bump up your game, transition from taking just o.k. images to something that stands out, and get yourself noticed, these classes with this artist are for you. Not only is he one of the best in the business, Igor is one of the best teachers, as well. He hits on all of the topics you will be interested in then builds on them with clear, accurate explanations. If you are looking to take it to the next level, these classes are for you. Hands down, this is the best educational experience I've yet received for the tuition that I have paid. Do yourselves a favor and invest in these classes. You'll be glad you did.
William Greenberg(non-registered)
If any one is thinking about taking some lessons from Igor at their level... whatever that is...
I took my first class from Igor today.... What an amazing wealth of knowledge and perspective.
Except for the help of a few great people, I'm basically self taught , and as I thought I might... I feel I plateaued a bit...
In one class Igor has been able to help me with a few of my trouble areas and offered me alternative ways to think about issues I have faced.

I can't wait for my second lesson.

Thank you Igor! Talk soon...
Steve Kedall(non-registered)
Many thanks to Igor for all of your help and sharing your talents. His Skype lessons on concert photography taught me a lot and was well worth it. I ended up winning "Best in Show" at our area annual photo show tonight with my Tom Keifer image from Farm Rock Nashville taken earlier this month. Thanks again Igor!! If you want to improve your concert images from one of the best let Igor help you.
Matthew Belter(non-registered)
I couldn't agree with Neil Zlozower more. Had my first lesson with Igor Vidyashev last month and have already seen a dramatic change in my thought process AND photos. Can't wait for lesson #2. This is definitely a must do if you're an aspiring concert photographer, and worth every penny. Click that link and sign up today!!
Adrian Coleasa‎(non-registered)
Just finished the first class of the Rockxposure bundle and still trying to get my head around the absolute wealth of information received. Great experience for any music photographer (not just aspiring ones), great insights and just plain great advice.
Sorry, more expensive gear won't make one a better photographer, but sharing this kind of experience most surely will. Cannot recommend it enough.
Eric DiRezze(non-registered)
I have been shooting concerts for about 4 years but lately have been feeling like I've 'plateued' in achieving the great results I wanted. Since I am of the belief that one should never stop learning or growing, I decided it was finally time to make the investment in my craft. Also, I have been a fan of Igor's work for a few years now and figured if I'm going to learn something, why not learn from one of the best active concert photographers out there today!? We have only completed one class thus far but I am glad I made this choice! Thank you for your patience in taking the time to thoroughly explain things to me. You are a GREAT teacher and I am excited to see what the next 2 sessions will have in store!
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